Stem Cell Search

This specialized stem cell search interface is the result of a collaboration between the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute and eagle-i, a project of Harvard Catalyst at Harvard Medical School. With this new tool, NYSCF and eagle-i are challenging stem cell researchers to help revolutionize access to stem cell lines. If you produce stem cell lines and believe that greater transparency and accessibility are key to accelerating translational stem cell research, contact us to get started.


NYSCF is making panels of cell lines visible now and available to researchers from 2015 upon request. To do so follow the links below and use the “Request from NYSCF.” button on the iPSCs of interest.


Diabetes iPSC Panel

Ethnic Diversity iPSC Panel

Multiple Sclerosis iPSC Panel

Parkinson’s iPSC Panel

Published iPSC Line


You can search across panels using the Stem Cell Search interface below.

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